My Platform

Standing Up for Small Businesses & Working Class Families

AS YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE. I promise to stand up for small businesses and working-class Washingtonians. Our legislators in Olympia have been out of touch and unaccountable for far too long. 

OUR STUDENTS. School teachers and administrators should be held accountable for what they teach to students by the parents who live and work in each school district. I will fight against controversial curriculums pushed by Olympia.

REDUCING TAXES & LICENSING FEES. I hold a firm stance against any state income tax. Washington families pay enough already! 

COMMON SENSE POLICE REFORM. Our dedicated officers need more support, not less. We need to adapt and increase our police training in these trying times. #BackTheBlue

#ReopenWa Rally 4.0 Speakers: Adam Bartholomew, Bernard Moody.

Candidate for State Representative Adam Bartholomew speaking with Candidate for State Senate Bernard Moody at Reopen Washington Rally 4.0 in Everett Wa July 11th 2020 #ReopenWAI need your support! Bernard needs your support! www.voteforbernardmoody.comYouTube Bensound for the music!

Posted by Friends of Adam Bartholomew on Sunday, 12 July 2020